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Are you losing business to competitors by having an out-of-date website?

We can fix that!


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Our Process

Get to know YOUR business, image, and business model

Step 1:

Before building anything, we want to gain a clear understanding of your company's business model and ideal image so we can build a site that revolves around what brings in business

Step 2:

Create a clear call to action

After learning as much as we can about your business, we build your website, taking your customers' buying habits and styles into consideration with clear calls to action

Step 3:

Post & maintain updates

Your business, the Internet, and mobile devices change on a daily basis; our goal is to keep you ahead of the curve.  After the site goes live, we update it on a monthly basis so you don't lose business

Why Mid Media?

At MidMediaGroup, we take pride in how we build websites.  We begin by learning as much as possible about your business so we can deliver a clear call to action that not only gets you noticed but, more importantly, generates valuable traffic.  All the while, we are nurturing your customer lifetime value with features such as email marketing and chatbots that drastically reduce your costs and customer service response times.


Collect email addresses for newsletter

Email newsletters ensure that you stay top of mind and provide customers with a quick and easy way to recommend your business to others.

Mobile-optimized and functionality across devices

Your website is going to see mobile traffic; being accessible across any device gives you the best chance to turn that traffic into revenue.

Chatbot for FAQ and customer service

Chatbots can save your business as much as 30% on customer service costs.

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